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Should you pick a freelance niche right away?

Is the idea that you must find your niche or “niche” down making you feel all quivery and stressed? Are you worried you have one shot to get your freelance niche right, and if you pick the wrong niche, you’re screwed?

Is finding your freelance niche a requirement? Not always.

In this post, I’ll dive into my favorite freelance niches and industries to explore.

But first I’m going to give you my (sometimes unpopular) opinion on why you don’t HAVE to find your niche as a freelancer. Let’s jump in!

Choosing a niche used to freak me out

Picking a niche had me paralyzed as a new freelancer…

When you get into freelancing, this is a promise: you’re going to hear the phrase “find your niche”. 

You’ll see this advice OVER and OVER.

Let me tell you, this advice? It really freaked me the hell out. 

You see, I’d just jumped ship from the prison cell of corporate life. I was ready to spread my wings and do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. 

So it’s no surprise that I resisted the advice to choose a specific industry or type of work. I wanted to be free to try things. I wanted to have the option to work on a financial blog post one day and an athleisure email campaign the next day (which I did, by the way). 

The truth about freelance niches

What’s the deal with the “Find Your Niche” advice?

Why is this find your niche concept so prevalent? Well because there is merit behind the idea. It is very powerful to be a specialist. 

If your heat goes out over Christmas break, you’re going to call a heating specialist – not a general handyman. 

Specialized expertise is incredibly valuable and marketing gold. This is why much of the entrepreneurial advice advocates for niching down, finding a specialty and becoming the Navy SEAL of your industry. 

Finding your niche isn’t the only way to succeed

But for many of us, the idea of picking a specialty is paralyzing – especially when you’re starting out. 

The idea that if you don’t choose a niche you will fail is doing more harm than good. I see consistent panic from freelancers about it. 

  • What if I pick the wrong niche?
  • What if my niche is too crowded?
  • What if my niche doesn’t have demand?

This anxiety creates paralysis. Paralysis is WAY worse than not choosing a specialty. 

A big part of my freelance coaching is to help people get out of their own way by realizing all “advice” is mostly BS. 

The only guidance you should follow is the guidance that makes you feel empowered, inspired, and energized. If it makes you feel scared and paralyzed, then it’s just not for you. 

I’m here to liberate you from all the “best practices” and “shoulds” that have made you feel trapped in the first place. 

If finding a niche scares you, here’s what to do

If you’re like me and felt really panicked at the idea of drilling down on an industry or specialty in your freelancing career, I have some advice straight from the trenches. 

Hack freelance niches with specific landing pages

This might seem really obvious but you can create niche pages on your website. And voila! You look like a bonafide specialist to a new web visitor. 

Here’s how it looks. You’re hanging out on LinkedIn or Facebook. You see someone post about needing an expert who knows how to write Shopify product descriptions. 

You know that it’s something you’ve done in the past. You’re confident it’s in your wheelhouse. 

Go to your site and create a Shopify Services page. Outline all the Shopify-related activity you can do. Publish the page with the URL

Then send that actual link to the person who needs Shopify help. 

Boom, they open up a beautifully-specific page all about the things they need. 

Be intentional about niche research

Here’s something that may surprise you: I DO think finding your niche is a GOOD thing. 


…When you’re ready. 

….After you’ve done soul-searching and exploration.

When I started full-time freelancing, I didn’t know what I actually LIKED to work on. I spent so much time as a numb overachiever that I just did the things that I was good at. 

I ran toward anything that would get me praise and recognition professionally (don’t do that guys, you’ll burn out). 

For the first year of freelancing, I gave myself permission to take on different projects. I worked on a web design for a hypnotherapist, I created strategies Silicon Valley startups, I even wrote about Bitcoin and blockchain as a freelance writing niche. 

While it may have seemed really scattered to some people, for me, it was intentional. I was using each (very different) project as personal research. 

  • What projects did I like?
  • Which types of professionals do I resonate with?
  • What work feels like a total drag?

So follow my lead and give yourself permission to work on different projects in different industries. Continually self-assess. It’s usually helpful to set up a timeframe too. I gave myself a year. You may only need three months. 

Eventually, you WILL find your niche. (Or niches).

When do you know you’re ready to choose a niche?

Finally, after I felt like I started to gravitate toward the same types of projects, I knew I was ready to get more focused. 

It was exciting! Niching finally felt possible, and even fun. 

At that point, I had enough experience and revenue generated to create a new website, that was more focused and niched-out. 

The best freelance niches for 2022

You are here and ready to unleash your freelance superpower on the world and you feel like niche exploration is in store. Amazing! But what’s the next step? 

Now you get to decide the kind of people and businesses you want to work with. What type of work do you love? And who are you going to share it with? Let’s get specific — it’s time to explore the niches!

Defining a niche is a great way to narrow your client search and become an expert in your new field. When you are focused on one area, you can quickly learn the ins, outs, and tiny details that will make you stand out from the generalist crowd.

Does it feel backward to narrow your client pool? I totally get it. But not everyone who owns a business is going to be your ideal client.

And as a freelancer, you don’t have to work with people who don’t excite you. You get to choose. You are in control. And that’s a great feeling.

Don’t stress over making this choice. Some people can get stuck in niche-picking mode for weeks. I’ve been there and it’s a time suck. Take a breath, review this list, and choose something that sparks your interest. If you don’t love it, change it. Try a few and see what sticks. Experiment and then find your perfect cozy spot to settle into.

Ready to find your new freelancing passion? Let’s go!

The most profitable freelance niches and industries


SaaS is booming with no end in sight. But what do these letters even mean??? SaaS stands for software as a service. And it often goes along with another abbreviation — B2B (business to business). 

These applications are cloud-based, and they are designed to help businesses grow (that’s where B2B comes in — a business selling to a business, as opposed to a consumer). With lower start-up costs, greater scalability, and ease of use, businesses are flocking to SaaS solutions.

As you build your freelance career, you are likely to look into systems for Customer Relationship Management (or CRM…the letters never stop!) This is a great example of SaaS. Affordable, cloud-based software to make your business life easier. 

And new SaaS businesses are on the rise! If there is a problem, yo, they’ll solve it! But first, they need your help to get exposure in a saturated market. That means plenty of opportunity for you!

SaaS Stats

Over the next five years, SaaS revenue is expected to increase by $200 billion! With an annual growth rate of 17%, SaaS growth has no plans to slow down. If you are looking to work with cutting-edge technology (hello AI) this is the niche for you.

SaaS Opportunities

There are so many opportunities! Here are some of the top players you may recognize: Hubspot, Salesforce, Grammarly, Slack, Toast, Shopify, DocuSign, and Square.

Bonus Info — if you’re money savvy, keep an eye on Fintech. It is a branch of SaaS that is moving fast!


photo of laptop with yellow post it note on it

Edtech is a branch off of SaaS. It is cloud-based software, but it does more than just help businesses grow. It helps students learn. 

Edtech covers all kinds of students — from babies and toddlers to career-changing adults and professionals looking to skill up. It can be learning platforms, teacher assistance software, or focused on school security. If it’s education or school-focused, it is edtech.

Edtech is not brand new, but it has exploded. With the rise of virtual learning came a whole host of new edtech products (thanks Covid 🧐). Now the industry is looking to fill jobs on the regular. From curriculum writers to marketers, edtech is a hot space for freelancers right now. 

If your resume includes teaching (past or present), bring your knowledge and expertise to edtech. They need your insights. And edtech makes a great transition from teaching into the world of business. 

Edtech Stats

Way back in 2015, Edtech was already expected to triple in revenue, to $325 billion by 2025. But Covid has sped that up significantly and shown the world exactly what Edtech can do and how much it is needed. 

Edtech Opportunities

These are popping up all the time, but here are a few companies to watch: Prodigy Education, Gaggle, Kahoot, Khan Academy, Dreambox Learning, Noodle, Learning A-Z.


This is still a fairly broad niche for a much-needed collection of services. What all does it cover? Logistics is the umbrella for all of the ways products get to people — from the gathering of resources or raw materials to the transportation needed to get them from here to there, and then the distribution of products to consumers. Phew…that’s a lot.

And because this niche covers so much, opportunity can be found everywhere! Remember B2B? Logistics businesses are selling their services (transportation for instance) to other businesses.

Your mid-size beauty business is not likely to have trucks and drivers on staff and ready to go. So how do their products get into Targets all over the country? Logistics.

This is another saturated market, which means marketing is big here. From copywriting to digital media, these companies need freelancers to get the word out. Virtual assistants are needed for customer management in smaller logistic start-ups.

Don’t be scared to jump into this field. It may seem a bit mysterious, but once you dig in you’ll quickly find all of the ways you can apply your skills. There is a lot of money to be made here…jump in!

Logistics Stats

When you freelance, clients the world over are open to you. And that’s great if you work in logistics. Globally, the logistics industry is estimated at $8 trillion to $12 trillion annually. Even just in the US, the logistics industry is closing in on $2 trillion in revenue. Every business that is selling a physical product needs logistics. 

Logistics Opportunities

Think planes, trains, and automobiles. Then throw in warehousing and storage. A few businesses to check out: DHL, Americold, UPS, Saddle Creek Logistics Services, XPO Logistics, and Norfolk Southern Railway.


Are you tech-savvy with a head for finance? Cryptocurrency and blockchain (the tech that allows cryptocurrency to exist) is an exciting niche that is only going to grow. More and more people are buying into crypto, but for many, it’s still a mystery. If you can decode it for the masses, while also researching at a high level for the pros, then you will thrive in this niche. 

Because it is so new and technical, there is a lot of money to be made here. Cryptocurrency is where I got my copywriting start. The request for crypto writers was booming in Upwork so I thought “how hard can it be”. I started making $1k per article! This is not typical for UpWork, of course, but my experience shows how diving into a hot niche can be life-changing.

A little bit of pro advice — you can become an expert in most anything that you put the time into. So if your knowledge is limited now, but you’d love to learn more, run with it! Bring the research skills and the confidence and the work will come.

Cryptocurrency Stats

Cryptocurrency is being more widely adopted. That means big things are happening in the industry, including talk of regulation and even the possible launch of Central Bank Digital Currencies. Putting actual numbers on this industry is tricky, but interest is growing, and freelancers are needed to bring crypto info to the world.

Cryptocurrency Opportunities

Bitcoin is huge of course, but there are also 800+ other digital coins. These include Steem, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Most of your freelance opportunities will be with financial and tech websites looking to decipher this market. Check out Nerdwallet, Coindesk, and even IBM. Job boards, like UpWork or the ones found here, are also great resources.

Video scripts

YouTube, social media ads, demo videos…there are so many reasons why a business needs a freelance scriptwriter. More content than ever is being consumed via video, and a strong script can make or break a video’s success.

If you’re doing any kind of sales writing, a major focus is on writing how people talk. The great news is this skill easily carries over to video scripts. Imagine you are talking directly to the customer as you write. What questions would they have? How would you answer them? Keep it casual and fun. You want your viewers to be both educated and entertained.

Interested in video, but not a writer? This is also a great niche for the musically inclined. Freelance composers help bring a script to life. For businesses producing multiple videos, having their own music is a great way to stand out and stay on brand.

Video Script Writing Stats

Video is better at engaging consumers. Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by over 80%. Email subject lines that tease a video get better open rates. And 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions. Businesses need video to get and hold attention. Opportunity here is only going to grow.

Video Script Opportunities

Thanks to sites like YouTube, businesses of any size can use video to market their services. If you want to focus on scriptwriting, choose an industry you’re passionate about and reach out. Helping local businesses start a YouTube channel can really boost their marketing. Or contact a business already cranking out the content. Staying top of mind requires a lot of work, and that means they need a lot of help.

Podcasting and podcast digital marketing 

If it seems like everyone has a podcast nowadays, you’re right. Podcasting is a great way for businesses, especially solopreneurs and creatives, to reach a new audience and network. 

There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful podcast — finding guests, outlining the topic, research, audio editing, posting/distributing, and marketing are all essential to podcasting success. Interested in working with podcasters? Bring your skills and help podcasters expand their reach!

If the creative side isn’t for you, explore transcribing podcasts. Repurposing content is an excellent way to reach new people. Not everyone consumes content the same way. You can help creators by transcribing their podcasts. Even better, offer to clean it up into an SEO blog post or create social media posts corresponding with the topic. These are valuable skills that clients are happy to pay for. More content = more reach.

Podcasting Stats

77.9 million people listen to at least one podcast a week. Say what? That is more than doubled from 2016. It is expected to be a billion-dollar industry this year. It’s only set to grow from here.

Podcasting Opportunities

Like video scripts, the opportunity here is endless. If you enjoy working with solopreneurs, podcasting is an excellent way for them to build their brand. With podcasting, they can make their mark and build credibility. But they need your help to get there.

Transcribing Zoom meetings

It’s 2021…chances are you have been on a Zoom meeting sometime in the last year. From business meetings to teacher conferences, everything has moved to Zoom. And this opens up a world of transcribing opportunities for you.

Businesses need someone to type out all of the details shared in these recorded meetings. Sound interesting? This is a great option for someone with limited time to spare on freelance work. And it’s also a great addition to your VA offerings. If you’re not looking to pursue a freelancing career in the creative space, transcribing is a solid choice.

Transcribing Stats

The transcription market was valued at $19.8 billion in 2019. In this pre-Covid report, the industry was expected to grow at 6.1% from 2020 to 2027. Transcription was already growing, but with all of the work-from-home over the last year, it has exploded. 

Transcribing Opportunities

Job boards like UpWork and Fiverr are excellent places to look for transcribing work. You can also check out companies like Appen,, scribie, and BabbleType. It’s important to note here that this is not going to pay as high as other options on this list. But if you’re looking for some pocket money without taking much time out of your day, transcription is perfect.

Repurposing webinars into ebooks 

People prefer consuming content in different ways. Many B2B and SaaS tech companies produce webinars to help educate prospects. A lot of webinars. So many webinars. But not everyone is going to sit and watch an hour-long video. To reach more people, these businesses are looking to create ebooks. And if you are a writer or designer, you can help. 

What’s great about this work is that almost everything you need to write the ebook is right there on video. If you’re a natural at digging out the most relevant info and writing it up in an engaging way, you will rock this niche. Well-formatted ebooks can bring in new leads and convert curious consumers, making this work extremely valuable for businesses.

Not only do ebooks need to be well-written, but also designed in a way to hold interest. Easy to read and well-branded content is a must. These ebooks need to stand out and entertain, as well as educate. Bring your design skills and wow your clients.

Ebook Stats

If you google “webinars to ebooks” you will see how popular of a search this is. So many businesses are looking for this service. The work available in this niche corresponds with the growing markets of B2B and SaaS. It can also be expanded to anyone who is putting out educational video content. And we already saw how valuable video is. Jump in and get to work.

Ebook Opportunities

If you are already working for SaaS, B2B, or any other webinar-heavy industry, add this to your list of services. A little chat about repurposing content may be all that’s needed to get you started.

Indie ebook authors 

The independent publishing market is exploding! Up and coming novelists now have the opportunity to create and publish their dream. It’s easier than ever to self-publish, but there is still a lot of mystery to the process. And after publishing, how do writers get the exposure they need to actually find readers? If you love the idea of helping new creatives expand their reach, this is an excellent niche for you.

These authors need all sorts of help — editing, PR, tech help, marketing, website design. Some may even have a great idea, but need someone with stronger writing skills to craft their thoughts into a cohesive story. This is ghostwriting, and it happens more often than you think. 

You can also bring your freelancing superpower to small publishing houses. These businesses can’t handle everything in-house. The value you bring will help publishers serve more authors, and be regular work for you. Win-Win!

Indie Publishing Stats

Self-published titles grew 40% from 2017 to 2018. More and more people are giving it a try. It’s not easy for an author to succeed on their own. But with some marketing and tech help, you can bring their stories to the masses.

Indie Publishing Opportunities

To find great opportunities here, put yourself out in the self-publishing world. Find Facebook groups where authors hang out. Follow your favorites on Instagram. Get in touch with local bookshops. And tell friends and family that you are looking to connect with indie authors. Chances are they know someone who has written a book. Make connections and find clients.

LinkedIn Content Curation

LinkedIn is a great place to find clients. As I mentioned in my free training, I highly recommend that you craft a strong LinkedIn profile. If you’re a writer, this may seem like no biggie. But so many people struggle with this. If you find writing bios and headlines easy-breezy, share this talent with others who struggle to get the words just right

One of the best things about this niche is that your portfolio and clients are all right there in one place. How do you build authority on LinkedIn? You post on LinkedIn. You connect to others on LinkedIn. As you build your network, they see your work. And boom…you have clients all up in your DMs needing your special skills.

So sign on, update your profile, and start connecting. Follow some LinkedIn influencers, see which posts you connect with, and find your LinkedIn style. Then start posting. Give value, show off your skills, and craft your new career!

LinkedIn Stats

In 2020, LinkedIn had more than 740 million active users. And all of them need a strong bio and engaging posts to use the platform successfully.

LinkedIn Opportunities

Find them right there on LinkedIn! Individuals need help building their personal brands. But it doesn’t stop there. More and more businesses are posting to LinkedIn to take advantage of the platform’s higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate. There’s plenty of work to be found on LinkedIn…no applications needed.

Instagram captions and Reels scripting

There are so many social media platforms, and you can choose to manage all of them. But maybe you just don’t love Facebook. Or your ideal clients don’t hang out on Pinterest. If Instagram is your jam, don’t fight it. Put all your focus there and become an Instagram caption queen!

Instagram is great because it gives you the space to say a little or a lot. The pictures are lovely and important, of course. But the caption is the place to share your why, tell your story, and encourage your audience to act. If you have a knack for hashtags and a way with words, you can help your clients build their influence and audience on Instagram.

Learn best practices, track the numbers, build a portfolio, and find your ideal clients on the ‘gram.

Instagram Stats

As of May 2021, there are over 1 billion monthly, active Instagram users worldwide. In the US, 40% of adults have used Instagram, putting the platform only behind Facebook and YouTube in terms of social media use. And businesses want to reach these users.

Instagram Opportunities

If you have chosen an industry niche, check out the top players on Instagram. Then use the app to explore businesses in your sector that could be using it more effectively. Like LinkedIn, everything you need is right there on the app. Build your own portfolio, make connections, and find clients all in one place. Reels is Instagram’s huge push right now so you could easily create an entire freelance foundation on writing Reels scripts, editing Reels, and promoting Reels.


Even though it doesn’t get as much love as Instagram or Facebook, Pinterest is still an important player in social media. Lifestyle and food bloggers especially bring in a lot of money from Pinterest. 

If you already love creating boards to plan your next event or meal, look into becoming a Pinterest pro. Bloggers and brands need someone to manage their accounts and maximize their reach. If you choose to work as a virtual assistant or social media manager, Pinterest management is an excellent upsell.

If your dream clients (and their customers) hang out on Pinterest, you should too. Start pinning, track those numbers, and show clients how profitable Pinterest can be.

Pinterest Stats

Pinterest has 459 million monthly active users. That may not look great compared to Instagram’s numbers above, but it is growing rapidly. In 2020, Pinterest gained more than 100 million monthly active users! That is the biggest increase the platform has ever seen. Also, Millennial and Gen Z user growth was substantial. Pinterest is here to stay.  

Pinterest Opportunities

This may be getting repetitive, but the best way to find opportunities on Pinterest is to be on Pinterest. If you want to work in niches that are HGTV inspired, you belong here. And of course the food industry — who doesn’t have a few hundred recipes saved on a Pinterest board? Health and wellness and parenting are also strongly represented on Pinterest. If you are working in these niches, get ready to dive into the world of pins.

Recipe writing 

If you’re like me, you are always looking for new recipes to try. I love to experiment with food, blending styles and techniques to create deliciousness. If describing your latest creation makes your coworkers’ mouths water, you should consider recipe writing.

Painting a picture with words is important, but even better is creating smells and tastes. Bring recipes to life for your reader. Help a blogger’s site grow by sharing more than just their latest story of bread baking. If you can excite a reader enough to pass over that “skip to recipe” button, you are golden.

Share the best air fryer, instant pot, and smoker recipes with readers the world over. Help develop recipes for subscription boxes. Write an on-brand ebook for a health and wellness professional looking to grow their practice. 

Food is central to all cultures. People will always be looking for the best dishes to bring to the potluck. Or the yummiest healthy birthday cake for their 1-year old’s party. Share your passion and grow your business with recipe writing.

Recipe Writing Stats

Because food is so universal, recipe writing will always be in demand. Look at the biggest trends in food right now, and focus there. Organic, farm to table, air fryer — all of these call for more recipes. If you know what people are searching for, you can have a lot of success here.

Recipe Writing Opportunities

Get creative. You can always reach out to food bloggers. You could even start your own. But go beyond that and you’ll see opportunities everywhere. Team up with a local gym. Help a naturopath create a recipe book for new patients. Work with lactation consultants to educate new moms on the best recipes for milk production. Bring the yum and they will come. 

Product descriptions

E-commerce is booming. Your front porch is piled high with Amazon boxes. You rarely have to leave the house to get what you need, and it’s awesome.

When you are deciding on the best new water bottle to buy, there are two main resources to use — the product description and testimonials. People aren’t putting their hands and eyes on products before buying. A strong product description will tell you everything you need to know while creating that desire to click “buy now.”

If you want to break into e-commerce, product descriptions are a great place to start. Stretch those copywriting muscles and whip up words that will drive sales. Your style can be serious or funny, short and sweet or a winding story. Find the brands that need your voice and help them sell. If you crave variety and can match a brand’s tone, then you will never bore of this work. Give it a try and find your new career.

Product Description Stats

Worldwide e-commerce sales are already closing in on $5 trillion. And it’s expected to grow even more (around 14% more!) in 2021.

Product Description Opportunities

Anything being sold online could benefit from a compelling product description. Even online grocery sales are expected to increase. Look around at your favorite things, google them, and see how you could improve the write-up. Start showing off your improvements on LinkedIn and your portfolio, and let the businesses come to you.


Have you noticed the huge rise in CBD oil outlets? People are looking for more natural ways to solve their aches and pains, and the cannabis industry is here with the solution.

This field is booming, and they need writers who are knowledgeable about the industry and its regulations to spread the word. You can help dispel myths surrounding cannabis use and encourage responsible practices. This industry is only going to get larger as legalization continues to spread across the country. Jump in now and get ready to grow with it.

If you are passionate about this industry, and excited to dig into the marketing dos and don’ts surrounding it, you will set up a long and lucrative career.  

Cannabis Stats

The cannabis industry is expected to grow to a value of $30 billion annually by the year 2025. Medical marijuana use is already legal in 33 states. Recreational use is legal in 11 states. And new votes are coming.

Cannabis Opportunities

If you are looking to write in the cannabis industry, it is best to focus on a few states since regulations are likely to differ. You can then search for businesses in those states and help them navigate the complications that arise in this industry’s marketing. Also look for blogs that are looking to educate on cannabis use or the cannabis industry. Check out The Canna Law Blog, Cannabis Science and Technology, or Everything But the Plant.

Electric vehicles 

People want to help the environment. Recycling and reducing waste are great fixes, but many people are taking things a step further. Electric vehicles not only help save the planet but also save your wallet from fluctuating gas prices. 

The Biden administration is all-in on EV. They are looking to improve infrastructure, making it easier to charge your car on the go. Research is also being done to transition more commercial vehicles and public transport to electric. And, of course, there’s the rise of Tesla.

If sustainability is your passion, search out these growing opportunities in the EV niche. Now’s the best time to break into this expanding field.

EV Stats

More and more people are choosing electric. But how long will that last? The Swiss bank projects that electric vehicles will have 100% of the car market by 2040. Yes, you read that right…100%! Now’s the perfect time to position yourself as an EV expert.

EV Opportunities

All major automobile manufacturers are moving towards electric vehicles. And new businesses are forming to match the growing infrastructure need. You can even look at apps like ChargePoint (which helps EV owners find charging stations) to build your portfolio.

Fertility copywriting 

Women’s health is an important field that is too often overlooked. You can find a lot on pregnancy, but for those struggling with fertility, the search is harder. But this area is growing fast as more families are fighting the fertility battle or choosing to have children later in life.

If you love writing and research, and are passionate about women’s health, this is the niche for you. Clinics and doctors want families to know their options. They are looking for writers to educate their future patients on what is possible, while also directing these families to their practice. 

If women’s health interests you, but fertility is not your jam, there’s more to explore here. Postpartum care, pelvic floor rehab, and menopause all need more voices. Help women grow their families and feel comfortable in their bodies when you choose women’s health.

Women’s Health Stats

Over half of the world’s population is women, and many of those women will have babies. Of the couples choosing to have babies, nearly 1 in 8 will struggle to conceive. As more research is being done in fertility (and other understudied women’s health topics), this industry will continue to grow and innovate.

Women’s Health Opportunities

Fertility clinics are an obvious choice here. But there are also many blogs, both personal and medical, sharing insights in this area. Check out Dreaming of Diapers, Life Without Baby, and Learning Center by RMA of CT for inspiration and opportunity.


The parenting niche may seem over-saturated, but one area that needs your voice is multiples. Moms of twins, triplets, and more are looking for advice and connection. There are specific products tailored to these parents of many. If you are a twin-or-more mom and looking for the perfect gig, this may be your freelance ticket.

Only if you’ve been there can you relate to the specific challenges of raising two 2 year-olds at the same time. It’s exhausting. Working in this niche opens your business to lifestyle blogs, product testing and descriptions, and parenting advice pieces. 

Not a mom of multiples but still have an interest in parenting topics? Look to e-commerce brands for childhood products. Parents understand parents, and these brands need your insights to connect with their audience. Your voice is important and deserves a space in this niche.

Multiples Stats

Worldwide, more twins are being born than ever before. Over the last 30 years, twin births have increased by 42%. This market is growing to meet the rising demand.

Multiples Opportunities

Popular parenting blogs, like Lucie’s List, have dedicated space for multiples. And more products are being released to help with the twin load. Think baby carriers like Weego Twin and the Twin Z nursing pillow. Bring your unique take on parenting to the industry and watch your business grow alongside your babies.

And there you have it…

The hottest niches for your freelance business. Did you feel a spark of inspiration? Take that spark and turn it into a red-hot fire.

If these options aren’t your exact cup of chamomile, don’t stress. These niches are not the only choices for success. These specialties show a lot of growth and opportunity, but any niche can be profitable. Bring your passion and drive and you will succeed! And I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way. 

It’s time to unleash your freelancing powers on the world! Let’s go!