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Hi, I’m Brynn

A copywriter, freelance coach, and Bravo expert.

I’m a new twin mom, freelancer, and xennial (…basically a tired millennial).

I help women use their already-awesome skills to build a freedom-focused life.

I help b2b, saas, and startup companies with noise-cutting content and rockstar seo.

One fateful Friday,

I held back a smile as I told my monster-boss
“I’d like to resign”.

[Insert Rocky-esque montage where I work tirelessly to 80’s arena rock..]

Going solo was…hard (and cold). I ran out of gas in -30 degree Minnesota weather because I had no money in my account.

Even stranded on the side of the road – broke and cold AF – was better than any day in corporate.


I’m my own boss.


I’ve far out-earned my former “I’m sooo legit” salary.


I help driven women pursue more freedom just like i did.


I make dream-weaving solopreneurs famous so they can share their message.

Street Cred

Business experience

10 Years in Corporate America

Marie Forleo’s B School Grad

SEO and Digital Marketing for 13 years

6-Figure Freelance Earner

psychology and Coaching

B.A. in Psychology

Life Coaching Certificate (Masters-Level)

Psychology Today Columnist

Featured Work

Let’s Play: Plead the Fifth

The best reality show is:
A. Vanderpump Rules
B. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
C. Married at First Sight
D. Real Housewifes of New York
If I could do one thing for the rest of my life:
A. Business Copywriting
B. Songwriting
C. Poetry
My favorite celebrity “Jennifer” is:
A. Aniston
B. Garner
C. JLo
Top pop diva?
A. Mariah
B. Britney
C. Christina
My favorite Bravolebrity:
A. Stassi
B. Bethenny Frankel
C. Lisa Rinna
If I could only listen to one iconic boy band:
A. Nsync
C. 98 degrees

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