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If you are a parent with baby twins and you want to know which baby carrier is the best for carrying them both, I did ALL the research. The Ktan, Bjorn, the Moby wrap, Solly, Boppy, ring sling — I tried them all.

I didn’t set out to do an exhaustive search for the best twin baby carriers but here we are. When you’re a twin mom or twin parent you’re always hunting for the most optimal solution in a world that is mostly set up for singleton babies.

Let my legwork be your gain!

I’ll walk you through exactly what I learned about baby wearing and baby carriers for twins. Let my search save you time.

I have a strong opinion about which twin carriers come out on top, and which ones you can skip.

My search for the best twin baby carrier

I’m a new mom of fraternal twin girls. Baby wearing is something I envisioned for myself…because, twins.

What I didn’t anticipate is that there are SO many baby carrier options, but there isn’t a lot of information about carriers that are appropriate when you have two babies.

There are several double baby carriers out there. Double baby carriers or twin baby wearing items seem like a good idea in theory.


Considerations for a twin baby carrier

Ease of use and convenience

The biggest considerations when you’re a twin mom is ease of use and time saving. What I mean by that is, you need to be able to put that baby wrap on in mere seconds.

Your other baby will likely be screaming and squirming if you’re spending precious seconds wrapping yourself up properly.


There are several carriers that are fantastic and durable. Baby Bjorn, Ergo Baby. But they’re not that simple. There are buckles and snaps.

When you have twins, you don’t have time for anything that’s not simple.

Lightweight and compact

When you have twins you have so much stuff. I remember when I was pregnant with what I thought was one baby. I had visions of being a minimalist mom. “I dont’ need all that baby stuff” “parents overdo it”.

I cringe thinking about how wrong I was. As a parent, you do WHATEVER it takes. So if you need tons of baby equipment, do it. So for a baby carrier, remember you have so much stuff already.

Your twin carrier needs to be compact, light, and easy to pack.

The last thing you need is another bulky something to fit into the diaper bag. Think lightweight and compact.


When your twins are fussy and clingy, you’ll want to be able to put them in a baby carrier. It helps them calm down and feel close to you. And it helps you to have your hands free to do other things if necessary (like take care of your other baby).

A twin baby wrap should be super comfortable.

Those tiny babies feel heavy very quickly, so your carrier needs to be super ergonomic for your neck, back, and shoulders.

My sister had kids before me and she’s a fantastic thrift shopper and Facebook Marketplace scout.

She came over with a BAG full of baby carrier options (win!). So this is what i had access to

  • Baby Bjorn
  • Solli baby wrap
  • Moby wrap
  • Baby Ktan
  • Ring sling
  • Boppy wrap
  • Hip shelf – I also purchased a hip shelf and Ergobaby knockoff from Amazon

I tried every single one of them and I have thoughts specifically for twin parents.

Weego twin carrier

The Weego twin baby carrier is probably the most well known twin carrier. It’s made for twins and is strong enough to hold both babies at once.

The Weego is perfect if you have preemie twins. Those tiny babies can fit perfectly in a Weego carrier for several months.

The thing is, my twins were born huge (for twins) each over 7 lbs.

Yes, I carried 15 pounds of baby inside of my body. It was a LOT. By the time I was ready to use a twin carrier, my girls were way too heavy to carry both at once. I did try out the Weego. While it was a good idea in theory, I was not prepared for the sheer amount of weight I’d be carrying.

Also, I’d lost a lot of strength being pregnant with twins. For the last two months I basically laid in bed. I was so anemic (though I had no idea) I couldn’t walk further than a block.

I had also had a C section which gave me a lot of back pain for the first few weeks. It resolved thank goodness!

So to think that I’d all of a sudden be capable of carrying 20 pounds of baby was ridiculous. So for me the Weego was a bust. But I have friends with triplets. They find the Weego to be useful for their family. Their teeny triplets are well…teeny. So carrying two at once is manageable.

Baby bjorn

The first single carrier I tried was the Baby Bjorn. It looked the most straightforward to me. It’s kind of like a backpack but you put it on the front of your body.

Right away I was overwhelmed with the different snaps, straps, rings and buttons. (Remember, I had just birthed two humans. I was tired, so very tired, hormonal, and unsure of everything).

Finally I got the Baby Bjorn on my body and put one of the twins in it. It was nice. I carried her around outside for a few minutes.

But after a while the carrier wasn’t comfortable. The straps dug into my shoulders. Plus, it was a little difficult to arrange my baby appropriately so her mouth and nose were visible, to make sure she could breathe freely.

Ring sling

I used the ring sling as one of the first baby carriers. Mostly because it was one piece and it was so simple to understand. No crazy twists or ties needed. No YouTube tutorials needed. I just put it around my body like a cross body purse and maneuvered my babies into it.

I used the ring sling a ton the first few weeks because it was literally the most simple thing to grab and put over my shoulder. Frankly that’s all the brainpower I could muster. Put wrap over shoulder, insert baby.

The ring sling is super versatile. I used it in several positions depending on whether I was sitting or standing. Plus, my twins liked to sleep in it because it created a nice little cocoon for them, like their former home, my womb.

Woven wraps

The woven baby wrap is a kind of baby carrier and it’s one piece (one piece = convenient) It also means that there are no buckles or straps (though some people prefer buckles).

I tried several woven type wraps. Woven wraps are the ones that are made of fabric.

They’re generally the most comfortable because they hug your body and give the best reinforcement for you and baby.

Moby wrap

The Moby is one of the most common baby wraps. It is essentially a long piece of fabric.

The Moby comes with instructions on how to wrap your baby.

The baby can be strapped into it with an overlap of fabric on either side, or they can sleep facing outwards over your chest and secured by one loop of fabric. The baby could also face towards you while being worn as well for nursing purposes.

HUGE caveat.

It is fairly easy to learn how to wrap the baby in a Moby (if you’re not postpartum, sleep deprived, juggling new babies, and overwhelmed).

It took me weeks to actually sit down and learn how to do the whole wrapping thing.

Yes, I watched the YouTube videos. But remember, my brain was destroyed. The twin mom sleep deprivation is brutal.

Pro tip? If you’re expecting twins, learn how to use the wrap BEFORE you have the babies.

Solly Wrap

The Solly Wrap is almost identical to the Moby. However its differentiator is that it’s super, super lightweight.

What does this matter? Well it turns out when you have a baby strapped to you, you get really hot.

Especially when you’re postpartum. No one told me I’d have legit hot flashes after giving birth. It was probably all those breastfeeding and pumping hormones.

So the Solly baby wrap is amazing because it’s almost like wearing a tank top. It will keep you cooler than the Moby.

If you live in a warm climate and want a baby wrap, I recommend the Solly over the Moby.


The baby Ktan carrier was one of the final carriers I tried. It was the game changer! The Ktan has the same qualities as a woven wrap. It’s all fabric.

What is amazing about the Ktan is that it’s already assembled for you. There’s no need to do the wrapping process. You just grab the Ktan, put it over your head and under your arms. After that you have the same setup as a Moby wrap, but without the confusing and time consuming process of wrapping it yourself.

The Ktan gives you the benefits of a woven wrap and the convenience of a quick ring sling or other quick carrier. It’s the wrap I use the most. I recommend it to everyone as the best twin baby carrier.

Verdict time

So to answer the question what is the best carrier for twins? My answer is that the baby Ktan was the best, taking into account everything I learned. The Moby and Solli wraps were second.

An honorable mention for the ring sling and the hip shelf.

The worst baby carrier was the Baby Bjorn – too many buckles and straps, plus it’s not comfortable.

I’d also advise against the Boppy wrap. It’s poorly designed and the shoulder straps slide off which is so annoying.

When can you let a baby be front facing in a baby wrap or baby carrier?

Some baby carriers will allow you to use the baby wrap or baby carrier in front-facing mode for children who can hold their head up and are able to sit with some assistance.

You definitely want to be cautious here. I didn’t have my babies in front facing position well past 4 months. It’s definitely a go with your parental instinct and common sense choice.

What about tandem carrying?

In general, baby carriers are for single baby carrying. You can experiment with tandem carrying though. There are several tutorials on how to use a woven wrap like the Moby for tandem wearing.

In truth, I only did tandem wearing a few times. It wasn’t the most practical for me because my twins were FULL size babies.

And once they get past 3 months or so, they’re wiggle worms. Having them both strapped to your body is not a chill easy experience.

You have to worry about one twin poking the other twin in the eye, for example.

What about specific twin baby carriers?

The Weego was the only option of the twin specific baby carriers I tried.

I think it would be so useful for preemies. Like I mentioned already I had a friend with triplets! and she used the Weego a lot. Her babies were teeny tiny so it made sense for their family.

I would say that even though it might seem more convenient to wrap up two babies at once, most likely it will be way too heavy.

Babywearing and working out

Once I became a babywearing champion with a baby wrap, I even did a few workouts with my baby strapped to me. You can work up quite a sweat just doing simple aerobic or dance type moves while babywearing because those little humans weigh a lot. It’s like wearing the world’s cutest weighted vest.

Some babywearing workouts I’ve heard people do were babywearing to Zumba (good way for your twins to get music exposure!), babywearing to yoga, and even babywearing on a stationary bike or elliptical.

Of course, use good common sense here and don’t take any of this as medical advice.

Keep those little cuties safe above all else!