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Sharp Saas and B2B

Noise-cutting copy for bold businesses.

Sharp words sell.

Content that makes people

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What I Do

Branding + Tone

You’re Not the Business Next Door

Website Copy

Your website will sell so hard

Email Copy

Be the first thing they open

Blog Content

Google will be obsessed with you

[She] has the mindset to always ask how her writing helps to drive leads/conversions.

“In my role at a SaaS company with Brynn as a consultant, we nerded out about content and analytics from our very first call. I had just joined the team to drive demand generation and immediately knew that we had a great resource for content strategy and production. Having someone who is comfortable writing copy of all lengths (blogs, ebooks, and whitepapers), has the mindset to always ask how her writing helps to drive leads/conversions, and craves analytics to inform her future strategy is not a common find – this is a killer combo in a copywriter. Not only this, but she’s great to communicate and work with.”

Kate Lin

SaaS Growth Hacker

Does your business have that “it” factor?

You know, that full of venture capital vibe?

Does your website give prospects an instant hit of hell-yes?

Probably not.

You spent most of your time building a killer SaaS product. After months of sprints and development, you launched.

…Whoa. whoa. whoa. Your product doesn’t pass QA. You forgot something critical.

Clear, full-of-attitude copy.

My Edge

I’m tech obsessed.

The internet has been my “thing” since I Googled Spice Girls in 1996. I live for an AI startup idea and an iOS app with a sexy UI. I spent 10 years in product development. I’ve been behind-the-scenes for sprint planning, midnight releases, and launches that spike your adrenaline like Red Bull.

Data-Driven Writing

My superpower is using data to make your website a sales MA-CHINE. ​

Copywriting might seem like floral-covered art. But conversion copywriting is a pretty freakin’ precise process.

Step One

Creeping & Lurking

And other highly effective marketing things

Before I write anything, I march right over to your ideal customers and get the real deal. Through direct interviews, surveys, and other scouring.

I put on my lurking glasses and get to work.

You wouldn’t believe the marketing treasure you can find (with proper creeping skills).

Your ideal customers are actively talking about what they long for and what keeps them up sweaty at night. ​

Customer research is the key that unlocks a yes! I like you so much, I want to pay you response.

Step Two

Mad-gic Science

Where the writing happens. it’s weird and wonderful.

After the customer research, things get weird. This is when I go inward and it’s equal parts Hemingway and Springsteen.

Quite simply…I write until I get the feels

I’m a songwriter and former emo-kid. When I write the perfect lyric (or the perfect headline) it’s almost a religious experience. Don’t worry though, things don’t fly off the rails when I’m in the writing zone. There’s a defined science and process to my magic writing adventure. I use all of my customer research as my North Star. I draft and then revise, sometimes like a crazed lunatic.

What I Can Do For You

Is the word “launch” making you quiver in fear?

Does email marketing instantly make you sweat?

Do blog posts seem like root canals?

I know you want to be up on the internet stage, accepting adoring applause from your digital audience, while helping clients doing what you do best.

…but you feel like your copy is ratty like Cinderella before the fairy godmother.

The worst part is you KNOW how important content is to internet marketing fame.

But every time you try to get into the word groove you feel blocked, uncreative, and hate everything you write.

You, frankly have a little bit of website shame and content embarrassment.

Don’t worry, I can clean that up so fast you’ll look like Julia Roberts wearing diamonds next to Richard Gere.

Let’s Work Together