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Canva is a great tool for creating beautiful visual designs. You can make anything on Canva (from Instagram posts to presentations), but are you making the most out of it? Here’s how to curve text using Canva, and other hacks you need to know!

One of the best things about Canva – no need to download a heavy program like Adobe Photoshop to your computer.

Canva is free, cloud-based, and keeps your computer from being bogged down (Sorry, Adobe, but you’re just too bloated for my computer storage).

Canva has quickly become one of the main tools of the trade. It makes any graphic work easy for non-designers.

Canva is a must-have for new entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, bloggers, and anyone that needs to create quick but professional designs.

    • How to curve text in Canva
    • Underline text in Canva
    • How to outline text in Canva
    • Create a table in Canva
    • Upload fonts
    • Group elements in Canva
    • How to save on Canva
    • How to use frames in Canva
    • Make a transparent background


    canva curved text screenshot and how to

    How to curve text in Canva – two techniques to try


    Canva now has a ‘curve option for text. This can be found in the effects option on the toolbar once you’ve selected some text on your design.

    canva curve text effect screenshot

    texT effects in canva


    I created a 15 second tutorial on how to curve text in Canva (because it’s that easy)


    Video Player



    How to curve text in Canva


    If the regular curve text effect in Canva option doesn’t make your text look just the way you want it to, then try this:

    After selecting a template (like YouTube thumbnail for example), go to the tab labeled ‘elements’ and find ‘shapes.’

    • Choose a circle and click on it so it goes onto the template.
    create element in canva screenshot


    • Copy the circle by clicking on it and then selecting ‘duplicate.
    create circle element in canva

    • Make the second circle smaller and then put it in the center of the first circle.You might have to use the ‘position’ button, located at the top-right so that the smaller one is “forward” and therefore visible in the first circle.


    duplicate shape in canva


    • Use the ‘lock’ button in the upper right to stop these circles from dancing around.
    • Now comes the hard and tedious part. Text will need to be typed out letter by letter in separate boxes and then adjusted in the space between the two circles.
    • Make sure that the letters look as unified as possible, then when you’re happy, select them all and click on the three dots that can be found on the upper right (on the toolbar), and select ‘group’.This makes the letters move around the page the way that you’ve set them!The letters can also be ‘ungrouped’ by repeating the procedure.

    How to underline text in Canva

    There is now a ‘true’ underlining feature in Canva, so gone are the days of using line elements under text. All you have to do is:

    1. Highlight your text, then select ‘underline’ in the top toolbar.
    2. You can also select the text and just press ‘CTRL + U’ for Windows and ‘COMMAND + U’ for Mac.
    underline text in Canva

    How to outline text in Canva

    Canva offers shadowing and other cool text effects, but there is still no dedicated ‘outline’ option. Try this instead!

    1. Add your text to your design.
    2. Select the text, then select ‘copy.’
    3. Paste the copied text, and then change the copied text to the color that you want your outline to be.
    4. Place the copied text on top of the original, make it slightly bigger, and then select ‘position’ in the toolbar’, select ‘backward.’
    5. Play around with the sizing until you’re happy with it!
    outline text in Canva

    How to make a table in Canva

    There isn’t any way to copy and paste an Excel spreadsheet into Canva – yet. I know it’s annoying. There isn’t even a dedicated ‘table’ option available. So here’s how to make your own:

    1. Open ‘elements’ and find ‘shapes.’ Select a square or a rectangle.
    2. Use the square’s corners to resize it until it resembles a spreadsheet cell.
    3. You can change the color of the cell by clicking the colored square on the top left of the toolbar available when the square is selected.
    4. When the cell is the way you want it, copy and paste it as many times as you need. Paste next to the original to make rows and paste below the original to make columns.
    5. Select all the cells then press ‘position’ on the top right in the toolbar.
    6. Click ‘horizontally’ if you’ve made rows, and vertically if you’ve made columns.
    7. When you’re happy that what you’ve made looks ordered, you can make more rows and columns by either repeating these steps or pressing copy and paste.

    How to upload fonts to Canva

    You can upload fonts to Canva so you and create a “Brand Kit”. The brand kit is very helpful because it prepopulates your fonts, colors, and brand features to keep your designs branded and consistent.

    1. Select some text on your project.
    2. Click on the ‘font’ dropdown on the left hand side of the toolbar.
    3. At the bottom of the dropdown, click upload a font.
    4. Select the custom fonts file from your device (make sure it’s not a zipped folder!)



    Some FYIs you will need to know before you upload fonts to Canva:
    • Downloaded fonts are usually stored in a ZIP file. You must unzip the compressed file first. Then you can upload fonts to Canva.
    • Also, the type of font file matters. There are different font file extensions – most common are OTF and TTF.

    TTF stands for TrueType Font which was created in the ’80s when Apple and Microsoft needed a font type that would work for both types of computers. OTF stands for OpenType Font. OTF has more flexibility and features for designers.



    Canva has hundreds of beautiful fonts to choose from.

    Tip: Check out this font pairing tool. It generates font pair ideas for you.



    Brand Kit is a Canva Pro feature. You can add all of your assets in Canva so anytime you create a new Cana design, you can maintain brand consistency. Add your font, logo, color hex codes, Here’s how to get to brand kit in Canva:

    Build your own brand dashboard with your brand colors, fonts, and logo.

    1. Register for Canva Pro (or upgrade from Canva freemium)
    2. From the lefthand Canva main menu click Brand Kit
    3. From there you’ll be able to upload your brand customizations like logo, custom fonts, specify heading fonts, and colors
    Upload Canva fonts

    How to group elements in Canva

    This is a hack you need to know. Nobody wants to move design elements separately and end up with wonky, disjointed Canva graphics.

    Group elements in Canva to keep relationships between objects in a design stay consistent.

    1. Select all the items you want to group.
    2. Click on ‘group’ on the right side of the toolbar.
    Group elements in Canva

    How to save on Canva

    Well, this one is pretty magical – Canva actually saves changes made to a design automatically. It’s saving pretty constantly, so that has saved me a few times.

    If my browser crashes, Canva usually has the most up to date version of my design waiting for me. Whew!

    If manually saving in Canva makes you feel better (I get it). You can save manually by clicking ‘file’ in the top left of the screen, then ‘save.’ Saved designs can be found on your home page, and you can save designs to your device by clicking ‘download’ in the top right of your screen.

    So if you’re feeling worried, wondering why won’t Canva save my design? It’s always saving for you behind the scenes.

    Save projects on Canva

    How to use frames in Canva

    Frames are really useful to get those pretty circular photos you see. It’s a simple thing to do in Canva, simply use elements and frames.

    1. Click ‘elements’ and scroll to ‘frames.’
    2. Select any of the frames available, and place them where you’d like on your design.
    3. Select a picture from ‘uploads’ to go into the frame, or any graphic available on Canva itself.

    Frames come in all shapes and sizes, so they go a long way in making creative designs and cool texts.

    Use frames in Canva

    How to make a transparent background in Canva

    I know I’ve sat dumbfounded and wondered how do I make my background transparent in Canva a few times.

    1. Make sure that no element is set as the background.
    2. When you’re happy with what your design looks like, select ‘download’ and make sure you are saving your project as a PNG.
    3. Tick the box that says ‘transparent background.’
    4. Download.
    Transparent background in Canva

    This is different from making the background of an image transparent. That requires a pro account but can be done by simply:

    1. Selecting the background of your work.
    2. Clicking on ‘transparency’ and then moving the slider to change the level of transparency.


    Other Canva FAQs to take you to Canva Hack Superstar Status


    Canva allows you to upload several types of files.

    • Images: JPEG, PNG
    • PDF files
    • Fonts: OTF and TFF
    • Video files


    The fonts on Canva are free for commercial use. Custom fonts uploaded to Canva must be validated by you. Be certain you have the rights to use any font you upload to Canva.