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Social Lab Marketing

Sales Page, Launch Email

Client Overview

Social Lab Marketing is a Facebook Ads Agency specializing in lead generation and online course sales. The company takes a fresh approach to Facebook Ads by offering highly actionable mini-courses.

The Challenge

Social Lab Marketing was ready to launch their flagship program Ads Manager School. While they specialize in marketing, they needed a copywriting specialist to ensure their long-form sales page had all the elements of influence and conversion.

Our Approach

I created this sales page using the pillars of psychology and influence. Each section was written with a specific goal in mind. I did extensive audience research to tailor the tone and messaging to their audience. 

Copy Snippets

Launch Email

Subject Line: LIVE Campaign Breakdowns <<< Want in?

I’ve had so much fun hanging with the Ads Manager School students over the last few weeks. And they are doing AMAZING things like…

– raising their rates and booking their first $12k client.
– finally getting clear on how to break their income ceiling so they can take their ad agency to the next level without working more. 
– how to price and package their services so they get PAID for it (I see SO many Ads Managers wayyy undercharging for their services). 

One thing I hear over and over is how frustrating it can be to learn Facebook Ads.

It’s like…ads managers are keeping their campaigns a secret.

Unpopular opinion but, we think that’s ridiculous.

Seriously, how are you supposed to learn to execute killer, money-making, Facebook ads without like, clear examples?

So yeah, that’s not our style.

When you join our world, you get a big fat shiny key inside our real campaigns. Unlike some other *gurus* ahem…we aren’t afraid of you stealing our trade secrets.

In fact, we want you to swipe our processes and campaign tactics. Because the point of becoming an ads manager is to make your clients monayyyy.

So here’s the deal…when you join Ads Manager School you get access to monthly Q&A calls and our LIVE Campaign Breakdowns.

And our first LIVE campaign breakdown is TOMORROW where I’m going to break down one of my favorite types of campaigns to run + how you can use it to get results FAST for your clients.

The Campaign Breakdowns are ​an incredibly real look at how we really run our campaigns. My philosophy when it comes to FB Ads is no more secrets. We want you to feel free to use our strategies in your own campaigns.

AND we’ll have plenty of time to review your ad accounts, troubleshoot any issues, and give you insights on how to go next-level.

That’s why I’m opening the doors + extending the early bird offer to Ads Manager School for the next few days. You can join now + get access to our monthly campaign breakdowns + all the other amazing things inside Ads Manager School for only $997.

Yes!! I want in. 

You’ll walk away with total confidence in what you need to really DO to create Facebook campaigns that work. And when your campaigns work – your clients will pay you, happily.

Come on in to Ads Manager School.

Amy Crane
Social Lab Marketing

P.S. Our first LIVE Campaign Breakdown is TOMORROW at 2pm EST. Are you in??

Do it, we dare you.

Other Work


Hub Page

Kate Lin

[She] has the mindset to always ask how her writing helps to drive leads/conversions.

“In my role at a SaaS company with Brynn as a consultant, we nerded out about content and analytics from our very first call. I had just joined the team to drive demand generation and immediately knew that we had a great resource for content strategy and production. Having someone who is comfortable writing copy of all lengths (blogs, ebooks, and whitepapers), has the mindset to always ask how her writing helps to drive leads/conversions, and craves analytics to inform her future strategy is not a common find – this is a killer combo in a copywriter. Not only this, but she’s great to communicate and work with.”

Kate Lin
SaaS Growth Hacker

Amy Crane

Working with Brynn was hands-down one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.

“Working with Brynn was hands-down one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I needed help with a sales page and the thought of writing the copy myself was too overwhelming. I know writing great copy is an art and Brynn has definitely mastered it. Brynn helped pull all of my ideas into a sales page that spoke directly to my ideal clients without being pushy or over the top. I would highly recommend working with Brynn for any of your copywriting needs.”

Amy Crane
Social Lab Marketing

Jen Lemke

I would 100% recommend Brynn to others and I already have!

Before working with Brynn, my copy was very basic and wasn't talking directly to my target market, although I thought it was.  From the beginning, Brynn seemed genuinely interested in working with me and learning about my target market. I use her copy to create my recruiting sales page and it's helping me bring more of my true target market into my funnel. I love it! I would 100% recommend Brynn to others and I already have! Her ideas are fresh and innovative. The copy she wrote sounded like they came right out of my mouth.”

Jen Lemke
Health Coach

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