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Dream-Weaving Solopreneur

I’m going to make you famous.
*internet famous
I write content that makes the paparazzi come running like you’re Clooney.

Note: Paparazzi = traffic, leads, and sales.

What I Do

Star-Making Social Profiles

Let’s brand you like Beyonce

Hollywood Homepage

Website vibes like a penthouse suite

Red Carpet Sales Page

Be the hottest ticket in town

Blockbuster Email Copy

Be the new inbox darling

Celebrity Copywriting

words that make people fall in love with you

Everyone has that “It” factor. You just have to find it.

…But you can’t find it yourself.

Most people don’t know how to describe their va vavoom.

Their Sasha Fierce. ​

That’s why you need me.

I can spot what makes you beautiful, unique, and famous from a mile away.

Good, authentic copy is like putting the pretty filter on your business.
So. smooth.

My Process

As you can probably tell, I’m celebrity + pop-culture obsessed.

I devour a Bravo show and anything that helps me escape my wildly-running entrepreneur brain (Yah feel me?)

But don’t be fooled by my garbage-TV habits.

I’m ALL about that conversion. I know exactly how to make people buy your stuff and hire your services.

I’m also a data nerd. In a past life I was a digital analytics manager (oooh weee, impressive right?)

My superpower is using data to make your website a sales MA-CHINE. ​

This means I have the ability to analyze the holy heylll out of your ideal client.

Which brings me to step 1 of my process: Creeping and Lurking.

Step One

Creeping & Lurking

And other highly effective marketing things

Before I write anything, I march right over to your ideal customers and get the real deal. Through direct interviews, surveys, and other scouring.

I put on my lurking glasses and get to work.

You wouldn’t believe the marketing treasure you can find (with proper creeping skills).

Your ideal customers are actively talking about what they long for and what keeps them up sweaty at night. ​

Customer research is the key that unlocks a yes! I like you so much, I want to pay you response.

Step Two

Mad-gic Science

Where the writing happens. it’s weird and wonderful.

After the customer research, things get weird. This is when I go inward and it’s equal parts Hemingway and Springsteen.

Quite simply…I write until I get the feels

I’m a songwriter and former emo-kid. When I write the perfect lyric (or the perfect headline) it’s almost a religious experience. Don’t worry though, things don’t fly off the rails when I’m in the writing zone. There’s a defined science and process to my magic writing adventure. I use all of my customer research as my North Star. I draft and then revise, sometimes like a crazed lunatic.

What I Can Do For You

Is the word “launch” making you quiver in fear?

Does email marketing instantly make you sweat?

Do blog posts seem like root canals?

I know you want to be up on the internet stage, accepting adoring applause from your digital audience, while helping clients doing what you do best.

…but you feel like your copy is ratty like Cinderella before the fairy godmother.

The worst part is you KNOW how important content is to internet marketing fame.

But every time you try to get into the word groove you feel blocked, uncreative, and hate everything you write.

You, frankly have a little bit of website shame and content embarrassment.

Don’t worry, I can clean that up so fast you’ll look like Julia Roberts wearing diamonds next to Richard Gere.

Working with Brynn was hands-down one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.

“Working with Brynn was hands-down one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I needed help with a sales page and the thought of writing the copy myself was too overwhelming. I know writing great copy is an art and Brynn has definitely mastered it. Brynn helped pull all of my ideas into a sales page that spoke directly to my ideal clients without being pushy or over the top. I would highly recommend working with Brynn for any of your copywriting needs.”

Amy Crane

Social Lab Marketing

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