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Celebrity Copywriting

So you want to…

  1. Stand out in the competitive crowd
  2. Be famous in your industry
  3. Make the paparazzi come running
    (*Sales and Leads)

You see the Facebook ads. Coaches be out here makin’ six figures. Instagram influencers are living large on followers.

I’ll admit it. I get stars in my eyes for my digital heroes.

But how do we really know these people are for real (and not creepy bots?)

Words, baby.

While it’s 100% true that sexy logos and design will get a vibe moving. But don’t you dare believe that your online content doesn’t matter.

In the words of Julia Roberts. Huge mistake. Huge.

The way the online celebs communicate, that’s the heart-hitting arrow. Celebrity-level copy makes you stop mid-scroll and click.

Words are what make you follow your favorite online mogul, after the initial swoon.

Copy is the cocktail that gets your customers buzzed up on your products and services.

…And when they’re buzzed – they’re buying.

I’ll get you there, with my Celebrity Copywriting package.

Let’s make you (internet) famous

Here’s What
You Get:

Here’s What You Get:

Star-Making Social Profiles

What makes an online celebrity? Fans and followers. Your Insta bio is your online billboard. A star-making social bio has the “it” factor that turns lurkers into loyal fans. Let’s make you an Insta-star.

Hollywood Homepage

Your homepage is your storefront. Precious digital real estate. It should be as iconic as the Hollywood Sign. Don’t just slap up a sign that says your name and profession. With celebrity copywriting your homepage will be Hollywood-good.

Red Carpet Sales Page

To generate leads you need to roll out the red carpet with a sparkling and strategic sales page. Make them feel like your opt-in is the hottest ticket in town.

Blockbuster Email Sequence

Email is the most powerful way to connect with your followers. The 5 part celebrity copywriting email sequence will turn you into an inbox darling. Be the first message they open in the morning.

Let’s connect

I would 100% recommend Brynn to others and I already have!

Before working with Brynn, my copy was very basic and wasn’t talking directly to my target market, although I thought it was.  From the beginning, Brynn seemed genuinely interested in working with me and learning about my target market. I use her copy to create my recruiting sales page and it’s helping me bring more of my true target market into my funnel. I love it! I would 100% recommend Brynn to others and I already have! Her ideas are fresh and innovative.  The copy she wrote sounded like they came right out of my mouth.”

Jen Lemke

Health Coach

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