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So you want to…

  1. break free from the 9 to 5 life
  2. feel like your work has purpose and passion
  3. have freedom to work where – and when – you want to

You’re not crazy – this *can* be done


I see you over there. Full of crazy potential. You’re driven, creative, and have that entrepreneurial dream inside.

That dream may feel overwhelming and even like it’s slowly fading. Because you’re getting older right? It’s too late to break free. You should just be grateful for the career you have…right?


There’s never been a better time to pursue a more freedom-based career.  

Don’t give up.

I worked in a soul-crushing career for 10 years.

But inside, I was a free-spirited, creative, entrepreneur stuck in a cubicle.

And while my paychecks continued to increase, my happiness steadily declined. I had dreams of building my own business.

I longed and pined for freedom from the 9 to 5.

I was paralyzed. I had all the tools to go solo and be my own boss, still I stayed stuck. What would my family think? What would my friends think? Who am I if I’m not climbing the corporate ladder?? 

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I made a plan to leave and start my own business and Swandive Co. was born.

It was terrifying, exhilarating, imperfect, but so incredibly worth it.

Now I use my coaching and corporate business experience to help other women take flight into the lives they know they are meant for.

I WILL help you break free.

I specialize in helping women with digital skills like VA, design, writing, and development.

Ultimately, I help anyone with a dream to be the boss and feel totally free.

claim your freedom

(you deserve it)



Everything you need to break free from your 9 to 5 the realistic, scheme-free way. So you can uncage yourself from a job you hate.


  3. What the F is freelance ebook


Here’s What You Get:


I know you’re curious. Probably dying to know…How exactly did I quit my corporate job and build my own freedom-based life? 

I didn’t have a massive nest egg saved up. (In fact, I had almost 100k in student loans). I didn’t have a super specific and strategic plan. 

What I did have was a powerful, primal desire to break free from toxic corporate culture.

With a good dose of adrenaline and focus, I made it work. (Without going broke or ending up back living with my parents.)

This mini course is lessons from the first 6 months of my journey. Right after the leap. No glitz or glamour. Just grinding until I made enough to pay my mortgage. 

Learn from my real story of how I built my business. I promise it’s no fluff. 



This resume template will be your secret weapon. Whether you’re eyeing a new 9 to 5 role, or if you’re trying to nail a freelance project.

There’s nothing worse than resume paralysis. It’s the thing standing between you and the dream job or those precious side-hustle bucks.

Access my proven resume template (seriously, at least 10 of my friends have used this and been hired FAST). 

wtf is freelance ebook

Much of the work I do now falls into the category of “freelance”. I realized very early on that people don’t understand what that word means. 

Turns out – freelancers will make up over 40% of the population soon. Freelancing could be a big part of your journey to freedom. 

In this ebook I break down the four types of freelancing, and by the end you’ll know which style is your perfect fit. 


the time to start is now

I know you see people all over your Facebook feed talking about their “online businesses” and opportunities. I guarantee what I have to share is the most honest and grounded-in-reality content you’ll find.

This bundle is a recap of everything I did to break free from corporate life in an accessible way. I don’t promise six figures. I don’t promote quick plans or “passive income”.

This is a realistic path to get from where you are today to a work life that feels more liberated.


I know you’re thinking…gimme the price already.

Value: $697

Your price: $24

Hiring Brynn was one of the best decisions I made for my business.

“Hiring Brynn as my business coach early on was one of the best decisions I made for my business. She really helped me identify my strengths and interests which enabled me to clarify the direction I wanted to take my business in. I found her to be very professional and insightful and it was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend hiring Brynn if you’re looking to discover your business focus.”

Christa Scheffer

Online Business Manager

Start Now. Let’s Do This.