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Copywriting to make people want to (actually) use your software


(your product, that is)

You know your product is good. Your team spent months designing and validating it. (So many sprints, so many late nights...you're tired.)

After all that hard work it finally went live and you popped the champagne.


But now, people aren't using it. You're struggling to get downloads and trial signups.


Your team is disheartened and frustrated.


You know if customers actually understood exactly how useful your SaaS solution is, they'd be obsessed. 


What if it didn't have to be so hard?

Imagine if people came to your SaaS landing page and instantly felt that I want this tool spark. They immediately “got it” and thought, I finally found the tool I've been looking for.


Free trials would be flowing in faster than you can say “sign up”.


Then, once people got into your SaaS tool dashboard, they would easily know how to use it. No confusion or inactivity.


Your content would be so clear they would feel like it was designed for them.


That’s what good copy can do.


And you know without good copy, your SaaS product is overlooked, like the beautiful girl in high school that people don’t realize is beautiful.


Let me write your SaaS copy

I know how to make your audience notice your SaaS tool. I know how to make them really lock eyes with your product, and then, want to use it forever.


Even more, I know how to make people feel so strongly for your SaaS system that they think everyone in their company and network needs it too.


Chances are if you’re here, you haven’t come close to achieveing the adoption you want for your tool. Don’t feel bad. SaaS tool engagement is difficult.


The brilliant minds that create a killer SaaS tool are the minds made for development and engineering (....not writing).


Lucky for you, I’m a rare writer who really understands technology and SaaS. I form personal bonds with SaaS platforms.


I’ve worked in agile software development and have seen the sweat and tears that go into launching a product. It’s masterful.


And that’s why it’s so devastating when no one uses your product.


Let's recap:

I just rode in on my white horse to save your SaaS product. 

The stuff I have to tell you:

Now I’m going to talk about the required things like who I am and why you should trust me.


I’m a trained conversion copywriter with 12 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies like 3M, General Mills, and Thomson Reuters.


At various times in my corporate career I worked in product development and product management, so I know what the words scrum and sprints mean.


I have respect for the world of SaaS. That’s why I’m able to write in an intelligent and gotta-have-it way for SaaS products.


I’d like to know more about your SaaS product and how I can get more people to use it.



Let's keep it simple.

Email me: brynn@swandive.co