Working from home and remote jobs have been my norm for most of my career. And I freakin’ love it. In fact, there’s no way I’d go back to a job where I had to be in the office.

Some of you had never experienced the bliss of WFH — until the last 2 months of quarantine.

I’m guessing, while being stuck inside is pretty boring, working from home is pretty pretty nice.

Maybe you’re dreading going back to the office. The cubicles. The annoying coworkers. The hovering boss…

Well, if that’s you, I wanted to share my hack for finding remote jobs. As a professional job-getter (freelancer), I know all the hidden ways to find jobs that can be done remotely.

how to find remote jobs easily

How to find remote jobs easily

  1. First, head to or (two of my favorite job search sites)
  2. Plug in your job keyword into the search bar (Accountant, Project Manager, Real Estate…)
  3. In the location field add the word “remote” or “anywhere” or “work from home”

It’s that simple!

Apply that principle across other job boards and you’ll be able to find the roles that are exclusively remote. Hooray for being able to work from where you want.